BIG FISH COMMUNITY SERVICE is a community project that is designed to help the needy people in the community, we take care of the elderly, the orphans, the sick, the rejected and the needy people. We are 100% black owned and we are based in Rosettenville, Johannesburg.




  • We take care of orphans
  • We take care of the sick ones
  • We help the HIV& AIDS infected people
  • We provide children with home based care
  • We provide a day care service to the senior citizens
  • We provide general nursing care services to the elderly


With our senior citizens day care services, we have elderly people coming during the day and we get them involved in activities that will keep them physically and mentally healthy. We also encourage socialization among their peers, make the exercise,engage in arts and craft and also provide them with healthy meals.




Our mission is to see that the elderly are taken care of, the sick ones are getting medication, children are given necessary home based care, the orphans are taken care of and the HIV&AIDS infected people are getting necessary help. Our services are aimed at protecting and improving their physical, mental and emotional well-being.